Special Events

Thanks to the expansion and addition of our new exhibit center, located in the center of the show, it is now the leader in places to meet and get autographs from your favorite athletes, celebrities and television/movie stars. In collaboration with our vendors the show has had and will continue to have guests such as Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee as well as from Star Wars and G.I. Joe's Darth Maul and Snake Eyes Ray Parks. And from The Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno. Athletes from their rookie years, MLB Angel's Mike Trout to Hall of Famer's such as Joe Montana, Magic Johnson and Frank Robinson and legends like Pete Rose and Mike Tyson.


There is a fee for all autograph guests that attend the Frank & Son Show, both for pictures and autographs of the invited guest. Please note that the Frank & Son Show is just facilitating the autograph event.  We have no affiliation with the autograph guests and or the companies representing them.  All information regarding the date of appearance, stage time and pricing of the autograph guest is posted on flyers in our SPECIAL EVENT page of this website. Thank you.



Len Wein presents Smash Con

is upon us in just 1 more month experience one the greatest creator line ups of all of all time for a first year convention we will host annually. Our guests of honors will be


LEN WEIN- Len Wein is an American comic book writer and editor best known for Creating DC Comics' Swamp Thing and Marvel comics' Wolverine and for helping revive the Marvel Superhero team the X-Men (including the Creation of Nightcrawler, Storm and Colossus Additionally, he was the editor for writer Alan Moore and illustrator Dave Gibbons influential DC miniseries Watchmen, Len Wein was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2008.

HERB TRIMPE- Artist-Creator of Wolverine, Wendigo, Doc Samson

DANIEL WAY- Writer-Creator of Daken Son of Wolverine, Well known on his work on Deadpool, Wolverine origins, Ghost Rider and Thunderbolts

CLAYTON CRAIN- Creator of Toxin offspring of Venom and Carnage Artist best known for his works on Carnage, X-force, Ghost Rider Trial of Tears & Road to Damnation, Currently working on Valiant series Unity and Rai.

CHRIS BACHALLO- Creator of Generation X, Artist best known for his work on Neil Gaimen Sandman, Uncanny x-men, Wolverine and the X-men, Amazing Spiderman.

WHILCE PORTACIO- Creator of Wetworks & Non-Humans, Artist for Incredible Hulk, Uncanny X-men, Batman Confidential, Spawn.

Special Guests:

MARAT MYCHAELS- Artist best known for his works on Deadpool Corps, Army of Darkness, as well as DC Comics Hawk & Dove And Grifter and his cover work for Zenescope.

JOE BENITEZ- Creator of Lady Mechanika, Artist best know for his work on Aspen titles and Top cow comics.

ALEX KOTKIN- Cover artist and interior artist for Anastasias Collectibles & Zenescope titles as well as many other Indy titles. This artist work speaks for itself new in the business and making quite the name for himself. Expect a lot of exclusive goodies from this artist for Len Wein Smash Con!

SCOTT LOBDELL- Creator of Generation X, Writer for every Superman title for the new 52 as well a vast amount of DC titles like Red Hood and the Outlaws, Teen Titans and many more.

DANNY MIKI- Inker on the currently best selling Batman Series by him Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder. Danny has Inked over numerous amounts of comics over the years for Marvel being the exclusive Inker for Joe Quesada as well as inking Spawn with Greg Capullo for over 5 years.

KEN KRISTENSEN- Creator of Image Comics Todd the Ugliest kid on earth.

BRIAN HABERLIN- Artist of Spawn, and many other main stream titles.

GLEN BRUNSWICK- Writer for Image Comics Jersey Gods, Non-Humans, Reality Check and many more.

ACE CONTINUADO- artist for various Indy Publishers. Well known in the artist alley circuit for his amazing commissions and prints.

JIMBO SALGADO- Artist for DC, Zenescope and IDW has worked on numerous titles for these publishing companies. Such as Batman Arkham Unhinged, Arkham city Transformers Annual and Grim Fairy Tales Godstorm, Bad Girls, Valentines day special.

MATT HAWKINS- Writer, Editor and President and COO of Top Cow Productions. Who has also written for numerous Top Cow titles such as Think Tank, Cyberforce, Artifacts, Tales of Honor, Son of Merlin, Darkness, Lady Pendragon, Witchblade, Avengelyne the list keeps on going!

JOE RUBINSTEIN- is a legendary inker and painter in Comics. His art speaks for itself he has inked over so many legends throughout the years like Herb Trimpe the Co-Creator of Wolverine who will also be at Smash Con this year.

RAYMUND BERMUDEZ-  is an artist for DC and other publishers who has worked on Luthor 23.3 villains month
JLA 3000 issue 5, The Movement issue 11, The crow cover and up and coming cover for Infinity Man issue 5

MIKE VASQUEZ- is a freelance illustrator with Upper Deck, Topps and Cryptozoic and is best known for his work with Adventure Time. Mike has also had the opportunity and pleasure to have worked on other great licenses in the non-sports trading card business including Star Wars, Marvel, DC, The Walking Dead, Lady Death and much more. His Adventure Time crossover pieces, consisting of fan favorite Adventure Time characters carefully and cleverly mashed up with comic book and pop culture fandoms, have become a viral sensation and have been featured on many sites including Geek Tyrant and Teefury.

ERIC BASALDUA-  Eric has worked for numerous publishers Like DC, Top Cow, Zenescope and so many more. He is an amazing artist with such talent and is known for his beautiful form of the female figure.

We still have more guests to announce for this con only 1 month away!