Frequently Asked Questions?

Are Pet, Comfort and or ESA-Emotional Support Animals allowed?

- No. Only SERVICE ANIMALS are welcome in the show. Note: Comfort and Emotional Support Animals are not SERVICE ANIMALS, and are not recognized by the ADA-Americans with Disability Act. 

Do Vendors accept credit card, debit card, venmo, cash app or zelle?

- About 80% of our Vendors accept credit card, debit card, venmo, cash app and zelle. The other 20% will be cash only.

Are there ATMs available on site?

- Yes. We have ATMs available all over the show.

Is parking and admission free?

- Yes, parking and admission is always free!

Are strollers or wagon strollers allowed?

- Yes

What day is the show open?

- Wednesday 3 pm - 9 pm, Saturday 9am - 6 pm and Sunday 10 am - 5 pm.

Is there food available on-site?

- Yes, Stop N Krunch is open every show day selling hot and cold food.

We also have two snack bars that are open every show day selling chips, drinks, ice cream and candy, and multible vending machines located thoughout the show.

When a special event is going on are regular vendors still open?

- Yes. Special events take place in our exhibit center away from our regular show. All vendors are still open as usual any day there is a special event going on.

Is all of the parking only 1 hour?

- No. All of our parking is unlimited time The only 1 hour parking is located outside of our parking lot. Signs are located all around the area letting you know you are in a 1 hour parking zone. If you choose to park in in another businesses lot Cars will be towed 1 second after the hour so please make sure to move your car BEFORE the hour is up!

How can I get a booth? How do I find a particular vendor?

- All booths at the Frank and Son Collectible Show are currently SOLD OUT. Booths do not open up often but you can fill out an application on our How to become a Vendor page or at the Information Desk at the front of the Show.

How do I find a particular vendor?

-While visiting you may stop at our information booth located at the entry of the show.  We can do our best to direct you .  Also, if you follow our instagram page please browse our follow list, it contains our vendors that have instagram.    

Would you like to buy this item?/ Do you know how much this item is worth?/ Do you have this item?

- The Frank and Son Collectible Show is a vendor show. The owners/instagram page do not buy and sell the items that you have or see. If you would like to sell your items bring them in or if you want to see what vendors have you will have to come into the show and see.

Do you have an online store or ship items?

- The Frank and Son Collectible Show does not have an online merchandise website. Vendors at the show may have an online store but you would have to get that information from the vendors themselves.

May I Buy-Sell-Trade with other customers at the Show?

- The Frank and Son Collectible Show does not allow buying, selling or trading of any merchandise between customers in the Show aisles or the Show parking lot. Selling your items at the Show

All booths within Frank & Son Collectible Show are independently owned and operated.

Please note that the last customer entry is 10 minutes before all posted closing times.