Selling your items at the Show

Thank you for your interest in the Frank & Son Collectible Show! If you have a item/s you wish to sell, below is what you will need to know. Frank & Son Collectible Show is a WALK IN Collectible Show open to the public. We are open three days a week, Wednesday 3PM to 9PM, Saturday 9AM to 6PM & Sundays 10AM to 5PM. You must come in with your item/s and speak with vendors at their booth within the Show. If you have a large collection please bring several items represtative of what you have along with pictures and/or a list of said items. Some vendors buy items, some do not. Please remember, the vendors are buying your item to resell, so keep in mind when you consider what your item is worth.


Frank & Son Collectible Show does not allow BUYING, SELLING OR TRADING IN THE PARKING LOT OR SHOW AMONGST CUSTOMERS. If anyone is observed by our security, they will be ask to leave the facility. This is done to protect the vendors interest, it is them that pay for your Free Admission and Parking.


PLEASE NOTE: By calling or emailing the Show, our employees do not buy, sell, and/or know the value(s) of any items. As stated above, you must come in person with your item/s and speak with our vendors. Thank you for your interest... SEE YOU AT THE SHOW!!!!


All booths within Frank & Son Collectible Show are independently owned and operated.

Please note that the last customer entry is 10 minutes before all posted closing times.